A future specialist’s readiness for professional activity and the role of context learning in its formation

Oleksandr Romanovskyi, Valentyna Mykhailychenko


The article deals with the problem of future specialists’ readiness for professional activity and its urgency in modern conditions. In scientific works readiness for activity is defined as a wholesome psychologic phenomenon integrating a personality’s knowledge and skills concerning their performance of a certain kind of activity. There has been shown the necessity in unity of professional and personality development of students in the course of their learning at higher education establishments. There have been viewed pedagogic conditions necessary for a student’s dynamic movement from learning to professional activity, transformation of the first one into the second with the corresponding change in needs, motives, aims, actions, means, the object, and the results. For this in the process of learning there should be quite consistently modelled the content specialists’ professional activity from the perspectives of its subject-and-technological (subject context) and social components (social context). These demands are met by the context teaching which ensures the transition, transformation of one type of activity (cognitive) to another one (professional).


Ключові слова

readiness; future specialist; professional and personality development; pedagogic conditions; activity

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